Future Females is running a FREE 4-day mini-course designed to give you tried and tested methods that you can implement immediately to start seeing major change in your sales, hosted by our co-founder Lauren Dallas.

This is for you IF:

  • You don't always feel CONFIDENT with writing & sharing your sales messages, or putting yourself out there
  • ​You've been DISAPPOINTED by a previous sales campaign, and want to learn how to better predict and create CONSISTENT sales growth for your business
  • ​You're NOT SURE WHY your social media posts, emails or other marketing messaging is NOT connecting, or converting your audience
  • ​You've found previous launches & campaigns DRAINING, and want to know the right tools to use to scale your sales, while saving your time
  • You've found that WHAT WAS WORKING IN 2020 NOW ISN'T - and you want to know the sales strategies that are working best in 2021 to grow your sales
If this is you - JOIN US!  This 4-day challenge will give you the sales process, psychology, messaging and system you need to level up in 2021.

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When you join the #ScaleYourSales challenge you will learn:

  • How to connect the digital dots to turn strangers into loyal customers, and what’s REALLY going on ‘behind the scenes’ of your competitors businesses
  • See the two most effective funnels (i.e. customer journeys) that are working BEST in 2021 to generate sales
  • Understand the ‘inbound’ sales process, so you can CONFIDENTLY attract customers to you (rather than the ineffective, ‘outbound' model)
  • ​How to facilitate ‘know, like and trust’ through your digital sales process, to give your audience the confidence to buy from you

  • Understand why people buy (there are only 4 reasons!)
  • Learn the psychology behind each sale, and how to communicate your sales offer in a way that subconsciously gets a ‘yes!’
  • Follow our ‘value-led’ selling approach to make sure you’re not devaluing your worth or brand
  • Learn our ‘invitation-based’ copy formula, that ensures your sales copy never feels too “salesy”

  • Learn the top tips that have enabled us to grow Future Females to 42 cities and over 75,000 members in just the past three years
  • Learn the content strategy that builds relationships and a community around your brand, rather than just getting likes & follows
  • Learn how, and when, to go from content >> direct messaging >> opening up your sales conversation
  • ​Understand the role you have as the Founder in building connection, trust, and ultimately driving sales

  • Follow our proven monthly sales scaling formula, and map out the next 12 months for your business, to achieve your sales goals
  • Understand where (and where not) to focus in order to double down on your sales
  • Learn what to do if you hit the ‘plateau’ point for sales in your business, and how to breakthrough
  • ​Learn our ‘productivity system‘ that will allow your sales and business to scale, without needing to invest more of your own time

Challenge Absolutely Free!

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