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The Future Females Business School is a leading virtual accelerator, that supported over 266 female entrepreneurs in 2019 to create profitable & purposeful businesses

The Future Females Business School is for YOU
The Future Females Business School is a three month virtual accelerator, that supports female entrepreneurs to build profitable and scalable businesses.  

Do you have too many ideas and are not sure where to start?

Are you stuck in the perpetual cycle of ‘planning’ mode?

Are you ready to escape the daily grind and double down on your side-hustle?

Have you taken the leap on your business in the last 12 months, but are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and unclear on the path forward?

Then this program is for you.  It's been designed to give you the clarity, vision and ability to focus and execute the right strategies, that will build your thriving dream business.

If you're ready to become a successful small business owner, to get out of your own way, and to embrace not only serious profit but also the lifestyle you want to live, all with the support and guidance of experts who have done it all before - hit apply!
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Success stories from our members
Caroline Breure, 
Founder of No Saints

This program gave me the confidence to do things I’d never done before, such as branding, website, Facebook ads, email campaigns. By the end of the 12 weeks, my business had evolved so much more than what I could have done on my own.

 Even though I graduated in Business at university, having a one-person startup in this day and age is a very different beast, and requires solid knowledge in many different areas. You need to learn from people who have been there and done that and can help you avoid certain traps, and that's where the team at FFBS comes in. Thanks for creating such a great program, guys!
Ashleigh Lloyd, Founder of Ashlee Lloyd Design Studio

My biggest achievement in my business to date is landing three projects over the course of the program. Two were international and the other national.

Future Females Business School helped me to understand my business more - to identify my core values and help me to develop motivation. I also identified where I needed to grow and where I needed to contract, and the financial side of the program was extremely helpful. I really enjoyed the community side of the program.  Thank you for the amazing course!
Aarti Soma

The best business/ career win in the last year was completing The Future Females Business School. Learned so much and gained new perspective around what is takes to build and run a successful business. I am much more confident and excited to be on this adventure that is entrepreneurship!
Nadia Scheffer

I'm very grateful that I impulsively applied to the Future Females Business School. Although it seems like a big expense, if you break it down to what it offers you, the investment is priceless. It was great to be exposed to practical business principles and inspirational stories from real life entrepreneurs. The program helped me to move out of the dreaming phase and into the doing part of setting up a business. It also connected me with like-minded individuals. I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to get serious about becoming a successful entrepreneur!

Meet our previous members ...
Meet Shannon...
Meet Tofunmi...
Meet Jenna...
  •  One of members not only managed to build an entire business, but also released her very first book, secured funding and is about take the stage at her second Ted Talk
  • ​ Two of our London members secured funding within one month of completing the program, and both took the leap and quit their full-time jobs
  •  One member sent a quote for 3X her usual rate to a dream client in the Seychelles, and got the YES! She's on track to buy her first home.
  •  Another member got her product shipment in and took it to market, and scored 30 SALES ON DAY 1!
What are you waiting for? 
Let's build your dream business!
What will you get out of the program?
This three month program gives you the exact roadmap and support you need to confidently take action to build your business. We cover everything from your purpose & brand, your marketing and sales plan, your finances, and how to create the lifestyle you want to have as an entrepreneur. It’s not only business, branding and budgeting, but also mindset, motivation & inspiration.
  • Get clear on your purpose and vision
  •  Uncover your high-value customers
  •  Document a profitable business plan
  •  Build an irresistable & unique brand
  •  Create a high-converting website
  • Grow your email list
  •  Create valuable, engaging content
  •  Build your social influence
  •  Sell with confidence
  •  Increase sales & profits
  • Become more productive
  •  Make smarter business decisions
  •  Maximise your tools & systems
  •  Scale your business
  •  Plan for your future
The support you need
This three month program gives you the exact roadmap and support you need to confidently take action to build your business. We cover everything from your purpose & brand, your marketing and sales plan, your finances, and how to create the lifestyle you want to have as an entrepreneur. It’s not only business, branding and budgeting, but also mindset, motivation & inspiration.
Access to our community of like-minded entrepreneurs rocketing down the same exciting path as you! This is the place to share your story, learn from others, collaborate and stop by for inspiration, education and support.
Have your burning questions answered and benefit from the challenges, progress and wins of other members in our weekly live office hours sessions, where we delve deeper into each module’s content, to ensure you’re ahead of the game.
Each module contains a BONUS video by one our guest coaches , who are collectively a gold mine of knowledge and expertise. All our guest coaches are carefully selected and are the industry experts in their given field. 
At every step of your business journey, we provide you with our custom business tools. From worksheets, workbooks, schedules and trackers to road maps, blueprints, models, calendars and forecasts….we’ve got you covered.
Meet your program team...
Lauren Dallas - Co-Founder, Future Females
Growth Hacker, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Two Six-Figure Businesses, Gin-Junkie
Bevan Nel - Co-Founder, The Growth Academy
Chartered Accountant, Startup Strategist, Former MD of Helpling, General Legend
Sasha Zakharova - Program Manager
Community & Partnerships Aficionado, Operations Expert, Champagne Enthusiast
With expert training sessions by...
Pride Maunatlala
Pride is Head of Marketing for the Foschini Division at TFG & Co-founder of ReFresh Business Architects, a consultancy designed to help entrepreneurs effectively grow from the inside. She has a distinct pulse for growing brands and businesses and has enjoyed a successful 16-year career nurturing brands across multiple geographies and industries
Antoinette Prophy
Antoinette started her entrepreneurial journey in 2004 with $20, a laptop and a pocket full of dreams.Over the past twelve years, she gained extensive experience in accessing new markets by taking her business to Uganda, Kenya and servicing clients in Nigeria.In 2016 she launched 88 Business Collective focusing on accelerating women owned businesses
Petra Zink
Petra Zink is an Australian-based Marketing and Recruitment specialist who now specialises in building Personal Brands. She is currently the Director, Head Coach and Chief Creative of impaCCCT. Petra has built businesses across both Australia and Europe and is passionate about helping ambitious women build careers that they not only love but can also excel in.
Jos Dirkx
Jos Dirkx is an international, award-winning keynote speaker, bestselling author and world traveller, with visits to 99 countries. Jos is passionate about education, technology, gender and world change.

Cordula Pfluegl
Austrian - born Cordula has worked for various start-ups in the travel and lifestyle space, developing their Social Media and Digital strategies. With her own Social Media consultancy company she has consulted a range of different clients on how to upscale their digital channels. 
Jason Bagley
Jason Bagley is a master of email marketing and CEO of Firing Squad, which helps B2B businesses build lead generation and sales optimisation strategies that result in more paying customers
Jennifer Montague
With years of experience in digital communication, Jennifer Montague is the Head of Global Campaigns for Planday in Copenhagen - an advanced employee scheduling software platform. Jennifer Montague is responsible for conceptualization and execution of multi-channel digital campaign strategies across six core global markets.
Lauren Wallett
LA-based Lauren Wallet is the Founder and creator of Malva Academy: a deconstructed, tech enabled, aggregator agency model.  She is the author of the book “Human Doing”, speaker and pitch coach, and has worked with startups, accelerator and incubation programs, including, WomenEng, Venture Lab, UCT and Techstars.
Mark Carter
Autralian-based Mark Carter is a business coach, keynote speaker and sales expert. He has held senior and strategic leadership development roles in Asia Pacific, Europe and projects globally, including designing and implementing sales strategies and bespoke methodologies for billion dollar sales teams (including Groupon, Contiki & Optus). 

Caroline-Lucie Ulbrich
Caroline Ulbrich is a Coach ,organizational consultant (ECB, Deutsche Bank and UBS) and Co-founder of Finelles, a Berlin-based learning community for women who want to acquire financial and financial literacy skills. 
Clara Creitz
Clara Creitz is a Coach, Consultant (UBS, Towers Watson) and the other Co-founder of Finelles.Her and Caroline's shared goal is to empower women to gain financial self-confidence, through a combination of educational content, events and a network of like-minded women and trusted experts.
Mario Lanzarotti 
Mario Lanzarotti is an entrepreneur, speaker & coach with a mission of empowering the leaders of tomorrow. In 2014 he went from intern to partner in 3 months at NYC custom shoe company Awl & Sundry and successfully sold the brand in 2018.oday he fully dedicates himself to his brand The Power in You, where he enables individuals as well as companies to unleash their full potential.
Mareike Popp
Mareike Popp is a VC and Startup Enthusiast who has worked across the globe and is now based in London and Berlin. With several years of experience working in consulting, finance & investment industry, she is now an Investment Associate at G+J Digital Ventures and Director of Startup Grind Berlin.
Yossi Hasson
Yossi Hasson is a passionate entrepreneur, angel investor and managing director at TechStars New York. He has previously co-founded SYNAQ which was awarded Top 20 Tech Start-up in Africa by Forbes Magazine, as well as co-founded WeThinkCode – Africa’s first tuition-free tech talent incubator.
Katie Chalcraft
UK-based Katie is a facilitator, researcher and coach committed to unlocking the potential of individuals and organisations to new ways of being, thinking and doing. She designs and facilitates workshops using experiential facilitation techniques to create spaces for people to connect with themselves, each other and to explore new possibilities for bringing about positive change. 

Are you ready to bring your dream business to life?  
This three month program gives you the exact roadmap and support you need to confidently take action to build your business. We cover everything from your purpose & brand, your marketing and sales plan, your finances, and how to create the lifestyle you want to have as an entrepreneur. It’s not only business, branding and budgeting, but also mindset, motivation & inspiration.
How does the application process work?

The application is a text-based survey submission (through the link above). If part.1 of your application is successful, you will be contacted by our team and offered a 1:1 strategy consult with one of our business school coaches.

What is the timeline?

Our next 2020 program runs for three months (commencing in May), covering 12 actionable topics to drive a step-change in your business.

What is the cost?

Starting a business is an investment, and while we aim to keep the participation cost as low as possible, this is a paid program. The payment options are full up-front payment of US$849.00 OR 3 monthly instalments of US$329.00. For South Africa citizens the payment options are full up-front payment of R10 900.00 OR 3 monthly instalments of R3 950.00.

What is the time commitment during the program?

The most successful participants will spend 3 to 4 hours a week progressing through the Business School content, and engaging with their coaches and peers. Like anything in life, what you put in is what you get out!

Will this program work for <x> business?

The core program content will equip you with lean startup strategies that are applicable and transferable across different business models and industries, so you can use them not just in your current business, but as you progress in your entrepreneurial journey. So whether you have a product-based or service-based business, are building the next Facebook or crypto-exchange, this program will work for you.

Will this program work if I haven’t yet started working on my idea?

Absolutely – this program will equip you with the strategies you need to test your idea and validate demand for it in the market, so you can then confidently invest your time, money and effort into bringing it to life. We help you pick your niche and get the marketing plan in place to ensure you build in a profitable and scalable way.

Will the program work if I’m already in business?

Yes! Many of our entrepreneurs from our 2018 and 2019 program were already operating businesses, and used the Future Females Business School content and personal support structures to become more profitable, flexible and to scale fast, in a sustainable way.  

Can men apply?

Hell yes! Future Females Business School (like Future Females) is open to all women and supporters of women.
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